Leicoupler - Line Electric Induction Coupler for Power Cables

Product Release Date - August 2017

Line Electric Induction Coupler for Power Cables

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  • Simple installation by clamping.
  • Waterproof DC power supply allows installation at a location that may be flooded by water, such as inside a manhole or in plant facilities.
  • Unit can power up devices like monitoring equipment (camera and sensors) and radio equipment.
  • Cable load current input up to 2,000 A.
  • 60 A-current makes 1 Watt.


Item Specifications
Unit Configuration 1 or 2 Units and Main Unit
Supported Power Cable Load Current 2,000 Arms or Less
Supported Power Cable Diameter 176 mm or Less
Output Voltage 12VDC, Two Channels
Output Characteristics (Output/Cable Load Current) 0.0167 W/A per CT (load current of 60 A, 1 W with one CT unit, 2 W with two CT units)