White Paper - RMFEV

The RMFEV is Dyden’s most flexible cable. Consisting of 80-micron extra fine wire and ETFE insulation, Dyden cables achieve a long life. Multiple layers of twisted 80-micron wires ensure cable strength. Superior to conventional PVC insulation, the utilization of ETFE insulates the cables for extended temperature-range / corrosion resistance and provides excellent slip properties. ETFE also prevents cable breakage from occurring. In addition, the copper alloy conductor further extends the life of the RMFEV. Test data from torsion tests, bending tests and cable chain tests indicate a longer product life.

Dyden’s RMFEV cable is utilized in a range of industries, including by semiconductor equipment manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and robot manufacturers. It has had an especially long history of use in robotic applications, where it has been utilized for over 3 decades. In recent years, with the demand for downsized robots, the permissible wiring space of the cable has gradually narrowed. To meet this demand, Dyden has developed a new RMDV FA Robot Cable with a special proprietary elastomeric material for the insulation.