Flexible Shield & Low Friction Jacket

Dyden offers a choice of options to enhance the performance of its cable lineup.

While all Dyden Flexible Cables utilize a tin-plated annealed copper wire braided shield as standard, Flexible Shields are available as an option based on usage conditions. Although its shielding effect is equivalent to that of the standard shield, a Flexible Shield provides superior bending performance and flexibility, as well as exceptional torsion resistance.

Dyden Flexible Cables utilize flame retardant and oil resistant PVC jackets/sheaths as standard, however, polyurethane, low friction smooth PVC sheath, and cold resistant sheaths are available. The surface of Dyden’s Cable Jacket uses PVC with frictional resistance so low that it reduces the resistance between the cables and between the cables and the machine. Ideal for multi-cable wiring inside cable tracks, a low-friction jacket greatly decreases the risk of cables becoming entangled.

Both the Flexible Shield and the PVC Jacket increase the life of Dyden cables.