What are Robotic cables?

Robotic cables are highly flexible cables that can be used for moving parts such as industrial robots and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Robotic Cables


Conductor • • • Carries electricity such as power and signals
Insulation • • • Insulates the electricity so that it does not escape the conductor
Shield • • • Prevents "noise" from from entering the conductors
Jacket • • • Protects the cable from damage, resists oil

About Dyden's Robot Cables

Dyden's robotic cables have the following three features.

1. Ability to customize the design of the cable at no extra cost

We can design and propose cables that meet customer needs, such as combining power and signal lines and unifying multiple cables.

Ex, Composite cables for power and signal lines

Robotic Cables

Ex, Unifying multiple cables

Robotic Cables

2. 40 year track record and data (reliability)

Since we started developing robotic cables in 1983, we have been manufacturing unique long-life robotic cables with our know-how and technological capabilities accumulated through repeated rigorous reliability tests.

3. Proprietary & customizable materials

We develop the most suitable coating material according to the customer's cable application.

RMDH Robot Cables The jacket material for RMDH was developed in-house.

Dyden's robotic cable market share

The above features of Dyden's robotic cables are highly valued by major robot manufacturers. Despite being the highly competitive robotic cable industry, Dyden's robotic cables have maintained the number one market share in Japan for over 20 years.

Robotic Cable Market Pie Chart


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