Interface Robot Cables for High-Speed Camera (CoaXPress)

High flex cables for CoaXPress Standard RMH-CXP

EV Charger Cable

Introducing our new interface cables for high-speed cameras. These cables comply with the CoaXPress standard. They have a durability of over 50 million cycles of U-bend operation, making them ideal for high-speed communication in moving parts.


  • U-Shape
  • Oil resistant
  • 0ºC - 80ºC
  • RoHS compliant
  • Noise resistant
  • High strength


High flex cables for CoaXPress Standard RMH-CXP
Size AWG28/1C
Conductor Annealed copper
Insulation Fluororesin
Diameter of Insulation (mm) 2.00
Shield Tinned annealed copper
Jacket Flame resistant and oil-resistant PVC
Approx. Overall Diameter (mm) 3.60
Maximum Communication Speed 6.25Gbps

Electrical Characteristics

Item Standard value
Resistance of conductor (Loop) 4.98 Ω or less
Characteristic impedance 75±4 Ω
Insertion loss 30 MHz 4.7 dB or less
0.6250 GHz 21.2 dB or less
1.2500 GHz 26.0 dB or less
1.5625 GHz 26.8 dB or less
2.5000 GHz 20.9 dB or less
3.125 GHz 15.8 dB or less
Return loss 0~500 MHz 20 dB or less
500 MHz ~ 3.2 GHz 15 dB or less

Usable Length

Communication speed Max Cable Length
1.250 Gbps 18 m
2.500 Gbps 18 m
3.125 Gbps 18 m
5.000 Gbps 13 m
6.250 Gbps 8 m