RMBT2 Bonded Robot Cables with Block

Robot Cables - RMBT self-supporting bonded round cables with block.

  • RMBT is a flexible bonded round cable that can independently run without a cable trac (cableveyor)
  • By adapting a new design and materials, motion stability has been improved dramatically. Now we have realized a stroke of 2000mm, which is twice the stroke of our standard RMBT.
  • The longer stroke with stable movement makes it possible for wider applications.
RMBT self-supporting bonded round cable with block

Please see Dyden for images of the newest designs.


  • Bending radius: 50mm~
  • Acceleration: ~3G
  • Stroke: ~2,000mm

Max 2m freestanding operation possible

  • New design features a new block and has a stroke of 2m (Maximum)

Smooth movement of start and stop

  • With a bending radius correction design, horizontal movement has been drastically improved.
  • Capable of smooth freestanding movement without cable buckling during acceleration, deceleration and stopping. (Test data: 2.5m/sec, 5G test)


RMBT2 Structure

The structure consists of an integrated flat cable and a resin block. The protrusion at the center of the block keeps the bending radius constant. Flat cables are located on both sides of the protrusion.

Block Size

  • Two types of resin blocks. We select the resin block based on the size, weight and stroke of the flat cable.
  • To keep a constant bending radius, we have two types (50mm and 75mm)
Size Width Thickness Length Minimum Bending Radius
M 58mm 7mm 20mm 50mm
L 74mm 10mm 20mm 50mm

IPA authentication based on ISO14644-1 (The evaluation of suspended fine particulate)

Ideal for cleanroom applications due to no friction between the cable guide and cables

Cable Model: RMBT2 Velocity 0.5m/s 1.0m/s
Acceleration 1.0m/s2 2.0m/s2
Test Results Class 2 Class 1
IPA Fraunhofer tested device

Support Multi-start Wiring


Example of Bonded Cable Line Up

Cable Model Size Color
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG28/10C Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG28/8P Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG25/4C Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG25/10C Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG25/6C Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG21/6C Black
RMFEV-SB(2517) AWG17/4C Black
RMFEV(2103) AWG15/4C Black
RM-CAT5eⅡ(20276) AWG26/4P Black