Company History

Exterior of Dyden Historical Museum

Dyden Historical Museum

Founded in 1951, Dyden began as a rubber communication wire manufacturer. At the time, Japan was undergoing a post-war reconstruction period and demand for phone communication lines with rubber was increasing. In addition, the Kyushu region in southern Japan is prone to typhoons, increasing the need for stronger communication wires. A desire to help reconstruct the region coupled with the need for rubber communication cables resulted in the founding of Dyden.

After it's founding, Dyden gradually increased the variety of wires and cables it offered and eventually expanded sales to each power company in Japan and JR (Japan Railways).

In 1961, Dyden improved its technical capabilities thanks to technical cooperation with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and strengthened its management foundation. In addition, our production system was also enhanced by the construction of new factories, strengthening our position as a wire manufacturing company.

In 1970s, Dyden diversified its product offering to include industrial equipment, fiber optic cable, robot cables and power cables peripherals allowing Dyden to grow beyond the wire and cable sector, expanding our areas of business.

Dyden recognizes the changing needs of society and is committed to constantly investing in the research and development of advanced technology and improving quality control to continually develop products that improve the safety and peace of mind of all customers and society as a whole.