EV Charger Cable

Multi-conductor cable for electric vehicles and charging stations.

EV Charger Cable

Dyden does not make or sell J-1772 connectors.

Required Characteristics

  • Because the electric vehicle charger cable is accessible to the public, extra precautions have been be made.
  • Cable is multi-standard certified, flame-retardant, etc.
  • High flexibility (even at extreme temperatures) and easy to use.
  • PVC insulation and jacketing developed for charger cable.

EV charger cable (Level 1 / 2) standard

Application Japan America • Canada  Europe
Adapt Standard Electrical Appiances and Material Safety Act UL 62 • CSA C22.2 No. 49  EN50525-2-51
BS EN50525-2-51
Certification JET UL Japan  TUV Rheinland Japan
Code H-VCT EVJT  05VV5-F
Rated Voltage 600V 300V  300/500V
Rated Temperature 75°C 105°C  70°C
Core Number 2c~ 2c~6c  4c(3c+1c)
Certification Size 0.75mm2~32mm2 AWG18~AWG12 (0.824~3.31mm2 0.5~50mm2
Flame Retardant JIS C 3005  (inclined test) FT1 • VW-1 EN505265-1  (IEC60332-1)
Remarks Oil 60°C • Weather Proof Oil • Weather Proof

Cable marking example

UL • CSA (cUL) E338734 c(UL)us EVJT 105°C 2×14AWG(2.08mm2) + 1 × 12AWG(3.31mm2) + 1 x 18AWG(0.824mm2) 300V VW-1 DYDEN 2021
CE (IEC) Surface marking symbolUKCA CE 05VV5-F 300/500V DYDEN 2021

EV charger cable (Level 1 / 2) construction example

Application Japan America • Canada Europe
Core No. • Size 3C/2.5mm2+1C/0.75mm2 2C/AWG14 + 1C/AWG12 + 1C/AWG18 3/2.5mm2+1/0.75mm2
Adapt Standard Electrical Appliances
and Material Safety Act
UL 62 • CSA C22.2 No. 49 EN50525-2-51
Rated Voltage 600V 300V 300/500V
Rated Temperature 75°C 105°C 70°C
Overall Diameter 12.6mm 12.6mm 12.6mm
Cross Section of Cable Cable Cross Section - Japan Cable Cross Section - America Cable Cross Section - Europe

Customization available (design will meet required standards). Dyden’s EV Charger Cable insulation and jacket are of high flexibility PVC. Dyden’s EV Charger PVC Cable is high flame retardant, high oil retardant (higher than TPE cables), and maintains flexibility at low temperatures.

EV charger cable flexibility test

EV charger cable flexibility test results Flex vs. Temperature Flex - Deflection vs. Weight

Dyden’s EV PVC Charger Cable flexibility is equivalent to a TPE EV Charger Cable.
At room temperature, Dyden EV PVC cable ≥ TPE EV cable.
At low temperature -40°C) Dyden EV PVC cable ≤ TPE EV cable.