Clean Top

Clean room-ready low-dust robot cables.

The Clean Top robot cables use a fluorine sheet and have excellent abrasion resistance. The cables are suitable for clean-room environments.

Clean top illustration cutaway

  • By using a fluorine sheet for the outermost layer, the cable has excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Recommended stroke - under 800mm
Clean room-ready low-dust cables

Fluorine Sheet (POD) Lineup

No. POD External Width (Internal Width) Insertable
Cable Width
Structure 1 40 (48) mm -30mm
Structure 2 60 (68) mm 30 - 50 mm
Structure 3 80 (88) mm 50 - 70 mm
Structure 4 100 (108) mm 70 - 90 mm

Flex Resistance

  • There was no damage that would affect performance
    after 10,000,000 times movement.

    Movement: U Shape Bending Test
    Bending Radius: Approx. 85mm (Nature R)
    Stroke: 500mm
    Speed: 60 times/min
    Wiring: PTFE tape on the floor and wire the cable
    without using a cable bear.

    <Cables used for this test:>
    • RMFEV-SB AWG17/8C
    • RMFEV-SB AWG28/4P
Flex resistance test diagram

Result of Abrasion Test

Result of Abrasion test significant improvement

IPA Certification (Data from the test of dust amount)

  • Dust measurements were conducted at the Fraunhofer research facility in Germany. We received IPA certification as CLASS 1.
Velocity 2.0m/s
Acceleration 5.0m/s2
Test Results Class 1
IPA Fraunhofer tested device