CHAdeMO EV Quick Charger Connector

Features a copper flexible cable; ideal for use in a CHAdeMO System.

CHAdeMO EV Quick Charger Connector Benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Equipped with Exclusive Dyden Cable
  • Unique Lock Release System

Easy to Use.

Simple operation utilizing a “Slip-On Connect” and “One-Push Release” system


The connector body is strong and durable and is not easily broken by careless handling.

No damage sustained to connector under weight of 4400 lbs. vehicle.

No damage sustained to connector on impact from a fall of 1 m.

Equipped with Exclusive Dyden Cable.

The charger is easy to handle thanks to the excellent flexibility of our exclusive handle.

  • Highly flexible copper cable insulated with DYDEN’s own special PVC jacketing material. Developed and manufactured only by DYDEN.
  • The shield of the power line enables the monitoring of current leakage
  • DYDEN’s cable and connectors conform to RoHS

•  Cable lineup

All cables have the current rating 125A.

Conductor Diameter
Reference Standard
Power Line Signal Line
2cx40mm2 1P×0.75mm2+7c×0.75mm2 32.9 1.73 JIS 4522
2c×25mm2 1P×0.75mm2 +7c×0.75mm2 31.1
1.37 JIS 4522

Unique Lock Release System

  • The Connector is equipped with a Unique Lock Release System that locks the release button until the charge is completed and the charge indicator lamp goes off.
  • A specialized tool may be used to unlock the connector. It is recommended that only the administrator of the charge station operate the unlocking tool.
  • If the charging operation is correct, the lock will not activate, even during 10,000 attachment-and-detachment tests
  • If the operation is not correct, i.e. if the release button is inadvertently pressed during the charging session (indicator lamp is lit), lock parts may be damaged and the lock will activate
  • The system will not restore damage to the lock parts
  • Replacement of lock parts will be necessary after forced lock release