CC-Link network cable for stationary fixed wiring applications.

The CS-110 cable is designed for stationary fixed wiring applications with CC-Link (Control & Communication Link) open industrial network protocol used commonly in factory automation. Dyden is a partner of the CC-Link Partner Association. The cable’s sheath uses PVC with excellent flame retardancy, oil resistance, and flexibility.


Cable Cross Section

Cable Cross Section

CC-Link Cable
CS-110 AWG20/3C Characteristics

  • Fixed wiring cable
  • Oil resistant
  • 0°C - 80°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL compliant
  • c-UL compliant (marking optional)
  • Noise resistant
  • CS-110 AWG20/3C
  • CC-Link Ver.1.10&2.00 compatible stationary fixed wiring cable

CS-110(PW) (AWG20/3C)+AWG19/2C Characteristics

  • Fixed Wiring Cable
  • Oil resistant
  • 0°C - 80°C
  • RoHS compliant
  • Noise Resistant

Compliance Specifications

  • UL758 (Appliance Wiring Material)-2464 (80°C, 300V)
  • CS-110(PW) (AWG20/3C)+AWG19/2C
  • CC-Link Ver.1.10&2.00 compatible stationary fixed wiring cable with a built-in power line

Surface Marking

CS-110: CC-Link Ver.1.10 DYDEN E91337 AWM2464 80C 300V VW-1 50%
CS-110 (PW): CS-110 (PW) DYDEN CC-Link Ver. 1.10


  CS-110 CS-110(PW)
Use For Fixed For Fixed (In Power line)
Size AWG20/3C AWG20/3C AWG19/2C
Insulation Foamed polyethylence Foamed polyethylene Heat-resistant PVC
Shield Braid Braid
Sheath Flame-retardant・Oil-resistant PVC (brown) Flame-retardant・Oil-resistant PVC (brown)
Approx. Overall diameter 7.9mm 12.0mm
Approx.mass 75kg/km 150kg/km
Impedance 110±15Ω(1MHz),110±6Ω (5MHz) 110±15Ω (1MHz, 110±6Ω (5MHz)

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